Do Judges Know All the Law?

(c) 2016, Chaim  Steinberger, Esq. Many people think that a judge knows all the laws.  That they’re presented with issues, and like the oracle, pronounce the law, correctly, every time, from on up high. Unfortunately, our society, and the laws that govern us, are too complicated for any one person to know it all.  Moreover,… read more

Pre-nuptial Agreements: Protection or Peril?

Prenuptial agreements are on the rise (see, e.g., WSJ article).  But do you really need one?  Is having one a good idea or a bad one?  Does it offer you protection or will it hurt you and your family-to-be by creating a self-fulfilling prophecy? Most people don’t realize that negotiating and signing (“executing,” in legal… read more

Getting Even or Getting Ahead: Do divorce litigants want nasty lawyers or would they rather win?

(c) 2016 CHAIM STEINBERGER, P.C., By Chaim Steinberger Descending in the elevator from a meeting of the New York County Lawyers’ Association Matrimonial Law Committee, one lawyer asked a newer one, “Where are you working now?” She answered with the name of a prominent, well-known, scorched-earth firm. I bit my tongue as the conversation about… read more