Divorce Can Be A Healing Process!

Imagine if divorce, instead of being the destructive process that prevents you from co-parenting your children for the next 15 to 20 years, is now part of a healing process, one that lets you hear and be heard, often as you haven’t been able to for many years before.

My name’s Chaim Steinberger, and I’m a mediator, negotiator, divorce and family­-law lawyer.  I graduated top of my class in law school, worked for some of the most prestigious law firms in the country, and clerked for a United States District Court Judge. Unfortunately, I went through my own rather nasty divorce and I said to myself, “There’s got to be a better way!”  I now practice that better way, treat clients the way I wish I had been treated, and fight ferociously to ensure that my clients get the justice they deserve.

I serve as a mediator and arbitrator on half­-a­-dozen panels of the State Supreme and Federal Courts, and I use my extensive experience resolving complicated conflicts to help my clients resolve theirs.  My clients get better results with less angst because, as Game Theory (the “prisoner’s dilemma”) teaches, each contestant can get more if they all work together, then anyone could get, by being adversarial.  I treat each case as if it were my very own, and I live and die with each case.  I protect and defend my clients when they are at their most vulnerable–when their closest confidant becomes their worst adversary.  I settle the intractable cases and win the unwinnable ones (see, How to Win the Unwinnable Case), and I do so with dignity, honesty, and integrity.  Although I’m a bulldog litigator, I prefer to use Divorce Without Destruction to get my clients better results.

Many have told me that working with me has changed their lives and a psychologist once said, “Chaim, before I heard you speak, I would’ve never let any of my children become a lawyer.”  Treating even my adversaries with dignity and respect has achieved superior results for my clients, prompting a colleague to call my technique “the Chaim-lich maneuver.”

Whether you need to negotiate a pre-nuptial agreement with the love of your life or settle an acrimonious divorce with someone you no longer love, contact us and we’ll help you safely navigate the legal landscape in a way that’ll allow you to keep your dignity and that won’t further traumatize the relationship with your children’s other parent.  Call us when someone you love needs expert, caring guidance or is being prevented from seeing their children.

“Chaim, you gave my daughter back her childhood.”
“Through you, I now have a beautiful 6 year old granddaughter. Thank you.”
“Chaim is one of the best!”

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