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Annulment Lawyer ManhattanEnding a domestic partnership, just like deciding on divorce, is never easy. Domestic partners need to address the same kinds of complex issues as any other couple involved in a divorce. However, while there are clear rules that govern divorce in the State of New York, the same cannot be said of domestic partnerships. The process provided under the law does not address many issues that will be of importance to the couple, including shared property and child custody. As a result, ending a domestic partnership can be more complex and difficult than getting a divorce. Usually, couples will require the services of an experienced Manhattan termination of domestic partnership attorney to ensure that the process will go as smoothly as possible.

The process of terminating a domestic partnership will usually require several complicated legal procedures to address various legal issues. The services of a skilled Washington domestic partnership lawyer will be crucial to resolving these issues without unnecessary complications. Attorney Chaim Steinberger has built his career on helping couples find their way through difficult transitions. His immense track record and success working with couples in domestic partnerships has helped him establish a reputation as an expert in the field. He can help you understand your options and simplify the processes you need to take to end your domestic partnership.

What Is The Difference Between A Marriage And A Domestic Partnership?

Many couples in a close and committed relationship have decided that a domestic partnership will better suit their situation than marriage. The union is legally recognized under New York law and even grants some of the same rights available to married couples. These include employee benefits and health insurance.

Unlike marriage, getting into a domestic partnership is fairly straightforward. However, it does not provide the spouses with all the rights of a married couple. For instance, in some states, domestic partners may not be eligible to inherit each other under intestacy laws.

Terminating A Domestic Partnership In New York

Ending a domestic partnership can sometimes be easy and in other cases, may be even more complicated than getting divorced. Usually, the partnership can be terminated at any time by either partner.

All that needs to be done is file a termination statement in person at the county or city office that initially registered the partnership. The termination states that the partners are no longer in a domestic partnership. You may also need to file a form and pay a small fee.

Know Your Rights – Protect Yourself

However, the procedure does not resolve any child custody, property or other issues that may result from the termination. Due to this, the partners may be left with significant legal issues, especially if they have children or possess shared property.

If the couple has children, they will have to file a separate child custody case. In the same manner, they will have to file a separate case to determine how shared property should be divided.

Often, there are other ways through which a couple can work through their issues, such as mediation. However, getting the process right will require the experience and skill of a qualified Manhattan family law attorney.

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