New York Parental Alienation Attorney

Allegations of Alienation or Interference

In a case involving allegations of alienation or interference with the child’s relationship with the other parent, the evaluation should address the following:

  • Each parent’s understanding of the history and nature of each parent’s relationship with the children during the marriage and post-separation;
  • Assuming a reluctance of the children to see one parent, each parent’s understanding of each parent’s contribution to this resistance;
  • Each parent’s suggestions for ways to resolve this resistance;
  • If there is no current resistance of the children to see one parent, an understanding of why one parent is alleging the risk of alienation and the other parent’s response to those allegations;
  • Whether or not there has been a history of abuse or violence (or allegations of this) and each parent’s understanding of the extent to which the children have been exposed to high conflict or violence in the relationship;
  • Evidence that the child custody evaluator assessed for and thoroughly analyzed the aspects of parental gatekeeping;
  • Evidence that the child custody evaluator distinguished between the effects of gatekeeping (if any) and the dynamics of alienation.

Modification of custody awards

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