Resources for Lawyers

Attorney Advertising in New York

If you are an attorney practicing law in New York State and advertise, blog or participate on social media, then you need to be familiar with the New York Rules of Professional Conduct (“RPC”) relating to attorney advertising.  You need to ensure that your advertisements, blogs, and social media posts do not violate the RPC.  So, for example, any advertisements done on your behalf must be pre-approved by you, and you need to retain a copy of it for at least 3 years. RPC 7.1(k).  For a listing of the RPC relating to advertising, blogs or social media, along with our in-house checklists and the rules and related supporting material, click here: Ethical Guidelines for Attorney Advertising in New York.

Why Should I Mediate?

If you yourself are a good litigator and a good negotiator you might be skeptical about whether a good mediator can help you settle your case sooner or what the mediator can do to help you get a better result for your client.  A mediator has several tools in the mediator’s toolbox that will serve you in good stead.  Moreover, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by mediating your intractable case. To read the post in its entirety, click here: Why Mediate?

7 Ways to Win the Unwinnable Divorce Case

Perhaps I’ve been blessed, but I’ve often been retained to represent clients with the deck stacked against them.  I’ve made a first appearance in a case only to be told by the presiding justice, “Counselor, you know your client’s got one foot in Rikers!”  Yet, I’ve managed to surmount the insurmountable odds.  Here are 7 Ways to Win the Unwinnable Divorce Case with Dignity and Integrity.



Make More Money . . . by Being More Ethical

Many lawyers believe that the rules of ethics hamper their ability to earn a livelihood. In this groundbreaking article, Mr. Steinberger shows how employing good ethics will make you more money. Ethics as a moneymaking skill. (To download this article, click here.)

Billing Pitfalls and Pratfalls: Avoiding the Ethical Issues that Snag Attorneys

This program, sponsored by the American Bar Association, teaches lawyers how to avoid transgressing the Rules of Professional Conduct that governs the practice of law, and how to make more money while conducting an ethical practice. (To download the materials, click here.)

Mediation Techniques Every Litigator Can Use

Mediation, at its essence, is the skill in negotiating. In this article, published by the New York County Lawyers’ Association, Mr. Steinberger outlines some of the techniques mediators use, so that litigators can incorporate those techniques in the range of options they employ to negotiate resolution. (To download a copy of that article, click here.)

Discovery Tools & Tactics

Discovery Tools & Tactics was part of a program on divorce law presented to lawyers, and describes the tools that are available in matrimonial actions, their limitations, and the strategy that should be employed when employing them. (To download a copy of that publication, click here.)

Chaim’s List of Best Books

For several years, I’ve been collecting the best books I could find in different areas of practice.  Here are my recommendations for the books every litigator must master to play at the top of your game. (Coming soon.)