“He is the “Einstein of Law”… “

Chaim is the one you would need to have on your side. After talking to him, “talking to other lawyers” made me feel like I was talking to a three-year-old. It is just THAT different. He is the “Einstein of Law”. . . . He is extremely talented to a point that I feel in awe of him. No lawyers can beat him. Trust me. If you have him on your side, there is absolutely nothing you have to worry about… When someone like Chaim prepares, no one can beat him… I have met [a] copious amount of lawyers in NYC and none are like him. He is unique and deeply truly knowledgeable. He is a mind-blowing lawyer who also has a very genuine kind heart, which is a really rare combination, based on my experiences. He changed my collective impression of “lawyers” in a very warm, positive way. He is the “Einstein of Law” and I am truly confident that NO lawyers can even come close to beat Chaim.



“An exceptional attorney and human being.”

Chaim Steinberger is an exceptional attorney and human being. His knowledge, compassion, patience, and consideration… was above and beyond. Chaim guided me in a process of which I never thought I would get through, let alone come out the Victor. He gave me the confidence to overcome my fears and handle the matter most appropriately and successfully. If you seek not only a Lawyer with the highest level of expertise, but care and compassion as well, Chaim Steinberger is the best choice.

–Cheffie Melham


“The best of the best.”

Chaim… is one the most brilliant family law attorneys I’ve ever met in my 20 years of practice. He has a near-photographic memory for facts and cases and his trial skills are second to none. An accomplished trial attorney I genuinely admire. If you hire Chaim, you can sleep sound at night knowing you are in outstanding hands. The best of the best.

–Zelotes Divorce & Custody [Lawyers]


“I unreservedly recommend Mr. Steinberger.”

I have employed several lawyers in my life and none of them have shown the dedication and talent that Mr. Steinberger has put into my case. He has put his personal life on hold to work weekends for my case. He has commanded the courtroom and his cross-examination of my wife has been masterful. For anyone seeking legal counsel in family law, I unreservedly recommend Mr. Steinberger.

–Aaron Scott



Mr. Steinberger helped me out with a difficult and sensitive manner and was terrific! He is the type of attorney who pours his all- his passion, wisdom, expertise and sincere empathy into his clients’ cases.

–Deanna Sadykov


“An angel at the final hour…”

After several hours of phone calls, I was beginning to give up hope and then I was referred to Mr. Steinberger. Although less than optimistic, I decided to call him because the stubborn/determined side of me was not ready to throw in the towel…even though the court hearing is less than twenty-four hours away! The warm and welcoming receptionist transferred me to Mr. Steinberger…who surprisingly was available to take my call (exhale…silent prayer…here we go). He was friendly and funny. Honestly, I needed a laugh so his humor was greatly appreciated!

As he asked questions and I shared information, it became clear that Mr. Steinberger was not only an experienced expert in this field but that he also passionately enjoys his work. From the onset of our conversation, I felt like Mr. Steinberger was already going above and beyond to provide me guidance and meticulously listening to the details of the case. Skillfully and swiftly putting together the varying pieces, Mr. Steinberger educated me and made sure I understood what to expect along the way. His compassion and diligence comforted my angst and gave me confidence as the clock ticked closer to the time of the hearing.

Mr. Steinberger, there are no words to describe my gratitude. I am eternally grateful for YOU…your GENEROSITY, your HEART, your THOUGHTFULNESS, and your SUPPORT. I have been blessed with another angel in my life…YOU. Much appreciation…

–Kristie MooreArauz


“He goes above and beyond for his clients.”

If you want honest and dedicated services, see Mr.Steinberger. The passion he has for his field of work is unexplainable. He goes above and beyond for his clients. What more can I say? When one is loyal to what their profession and true to others, the results are great. You won’t regret it, [or] waste your time or money for his services.

–Camile Manradge

He is considerate, meticulous and genuinely wants whatever is best and makes the most sense for his client.

–John Korpics

Everything you want in a lawyer. I was very happy to work with him, and he gave me the confidence I needed to make the right decisions.

–Natasha Shanetskaya


“RESULTS! Is what Mr. Steinberger has given my family!”

Mr. Steinberger didn’t overlook my LOVE for my daughter, he protected the rights of my CHILD; who is not an object!…. Mr. Steinberger brought my daughter home, he never gave up he had a mission; making sure that my daughter and I were reunited. Finally, I wake up sharing a smile with my daughter! With the assistance of Mr. Steinberger, my daughter and I, are finally sharing each important moment TOGETHER! Not only do I recommend Mr. Steinberger and his staff, I welcome them to our Family!



“I gained a lot… working with you. I became a better litigant… a better person.”

If you want an attorney who is competent, knows what he’s doing, and will outsmart the opposing counsel, you should hire Chaim Steinberger! because what surprised me the most was that when it came to the law and knowledge of the law, you were always one step ahead of the opposing counsel. (Download entire testimonial)

–S. Fisher


“You told me…‘don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,’ and you have. Thank you.”

We so appreciate all the time and work you put into this case, including your work throughout the holidays, and your gracious offer of a discount is just more proof th[at] you are both a stellar attorney and human being. When we began this process you told me in an email, “don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” and you have. Thank you.

–Allison G.


“I was, honestly, blown away by the results.”

[The] child support… we all agreed on, far exceeded… all of my expectations. I was shocked at the amount, when the day was over. When you get down to it, it was all you, Chaim—you went into the meeting on the side of fairness and respect, not haggling and throwing insults… How do I know it was all you? When my husband held his hand up to his lawyer’s face for her to stop speaking, so he could listen [to] what you were saying, then agree with you[,] I knew you had convinced him of the fairness of the child support agreement we put together that day. It felt good to know that we all agreed to what was best for our children, not what deal one side gave in to because the other yelled louder. (Download entire testimonial)



“Understand[s] the law as well as the psychology… making it ‘his personal battle.’”

Chaim is an amazing lawyer that knows how to navigate the system through a professional understanding of the law AS WELL as the psychology of the people involved, his client or opposing counsel. Chaim’s ability to take a case and make it ‘his own’, feeling passionate about it, taking it to another level and making it ‘his personal battle’ means his arguments become full of emotions and life. Its as if the fight has become a real yet fair one with one’s ability to feel safe and secure.

I was lucky to be like his client. The knowledge he shared with me was one that no other lawyer shared. It was mind-blowing to see the difference between the forms of lawyering that was ‘out there’. He navigated me through the ins and outs of my case, the ‘theory of the case’, the potential pitfalls, and where my winning arguments are. What I need to say – ‘always the truth’ – and when I can ‘add a ballpark’ to gain momentum.

Chaim taught me how to create my own Trial Notebook; how to break each point down to the T, each argument and its elaborated angles, each point and its support to the case. Eventually using it as a source of reference book for the trial itself as well as a self empowering tool that gave me the confidence supported by the facts to be strong, yet calm, as I held my arguments being sure with what I need and can afford, to be able to say ‘that’s not happening’ through the negotiations process. This Trial notebook is also a tool that could also be used as a great blueprint for the book I will one day write for my kids to see as well as a therapeutic way of working the toxicity out of my system.

Chaim also taught me many valuable life skills, the power of not only hearing but really listening without jumping to conclusions, without cutting the speaker in mid-sentence. The power of ‘sitting with things’ and not filling ‘time holes’ with old rubbish, not to repeat my mistakes creating new dramas. And the biggest value one can share with another human being. True understanding and supporting friendship.



“It wasn’t just the legal advice that helped me…”

I owe you a big Thanks!! It wasn’t just the legal advice that helped me, it was also the encouragement you gave me. Right now, [we’re] putting the final touches on a settlement agreement… so in the end, I got exactly what I needed to get.

I hope to see you at [other] events… I will cheerfully refer clients to you whenever I have a referral to make. Chaim, you have really been generous with your time and advice in a way that many lawyers would never do, so PLEASE let me know if I can ever return the favor because I’d be happy to do that!!

–DF, Esq.


“What a fabulous review of [the alienation] literature…”

I am a Psychiatric Social Worker in pvt. pct. and read your article Father, What Father? Part One in the Family Law Review Sp 06.

What a fabulous review of PA literature (Dr. Gardner was clearly ahead of his time.) We in the field have often felt that this event, this alienation of the other parent has long been overlooked.



“[A] comprehensive and thorough treatment of the topic.”

I am President of the Law Guardian Association in Westchester County and a member of the Interdisciplinary Forum on Mental Health and Family Law. [Regarding] your two-part article ‘Father? What Father?’…

I read it in the Law Guardian Reporter and appreciated its comprehensive and thorough treatment of the topic. It is an excellent resource.

–RDC, Esq.


“…had to pass along my compliments for one of the best articles I have read on the issue.”

Chaim, it has been a long time since we had our case together. I just read your article from the LG Reporter on PAS and had to pass along my compliments for one of the best articles I have read on the issue. I will be using it on a few cases and will distribute it to other attorneys in my firm. Great job.

–BC, Esq.


“I call[ed] Chaim he talked me off the cliff…”

Big shout out to Chaim. Yesterday I started a trial and I was hit with the most bizarre rulings that at the end of the day I wanted to crawl under a rock. I call[ed] Chaim, he talked me off the cliff and told me to go back and have at it. Well, Chaim, I did for two hours..we ended up settling and the client is happy and I am happy. Thanks so much for the research you did not have to take 40 minutes out of your evening to talk time I am grateful!!!

–AB, Esq.


“Chaim is one of the best! We all benefit from his contributions…”

Agreed. Chaim is one of the best! We all benefit from his contributions to this listserv.

–JKU, Esq.


“You made th[e] repair [of the wounded bond between this couple] possible.”

…the bond between these two people was not broken it was just wounded and needed repair – you made that repair possible. Thank you so much.

–MB, Esq.


“[I’ve been] a fan of yours… from several years ago.”

I have to admit to being something of a fan of yours from a divorce list serve from several years ago. I was always impressed by your generosity and wisdom. Happy Thanksgiving.

–VF, Esq.


“An Icon…”

I always love reading your posts. I see you as an icon on this list.

–BD, Esq.


“…a great contribution…”

Such a great contribution to this listserv, you are, Chaim!

–JB, Esq.



Wonderfully and sensitively written, Chaim! What — do you have an MSW too??

–DS, Esq.


“I had the pleasure and great benefit of having Mr. Steinberger… as a mediator…”

The purpose of my writing is to respectfully extend my request and recommendation that you consider Chaim Steinberger, Esq., to serve as a professional mediator for your Family Law matter. I had the pleasure and great benefit of having Mr. Steinberger provide his valuable knowledge, expertise, and service as a mediator for my client and his spouse in a divorce matter, and highly recommend his professional services to other firms and Courts.

In my client’s particular divorce case, the Court referred the parties and counsel to meet with Mr. Steinberger after several unsuccessful attempts at negotiating a settlement, with the purpose of hopefully avoiding further litigation. During the mediation session with Mr. Steinberger, I observed him to be thoughtful and purposeful in his duties, and he exuded confidence in his abilities. Mr. Steinberger was also very patient with each party and empathized with their separate positions and feelings that they each experienced during their difficult separation from each other. With Mr. Steinberger’ s professional assistance, the parties came to a better understanding of each other, which improved the nature and quality of their post-separation relationship, and set the tone for a final settlement in their divorce matter.

Based on my professional experience with Mr. Steinberger, he has demonstrated to me that he has the knowledge, understanding, and insight into servicing clients, and the expectations of his role as a mediator. As a result of Mr. Steinberger’s outstanding personal and professional qualities, I whole-heartedly recommend him for your consideration as a mediator for your Family Law matter.

–DM, Esq.


“Usually, when adults come to talk to our class, it’s really boring.”

Dear Mr. Steinberger, Usually, when adults come to talk to our class, it’s really boring. But you honestly held my attention for a decent amount of time, until I started to get really hungry.

Then I was 3/4 listening, but also looking at my watch a lot to see when lunch starts. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Maybe someday I’ll become a lawyer, but I’m not too good at telling stories or arguing, but you never know. You seem to be a really good lawyer and a really good person in general. Thanks for coming.

–Emily B., [8th grade]


“Today I realize… not only did I get back my kids, I got back my dignity and my sense of self.”

I… immediately felt a connection to you.

[T]hroughout… you tempered… with tough love and devotion to the cause. You never lost sight of the goal end game while instinctually infusing me with a sense of self, duty, courage, and belief in doing the right thing…

…I didn’t truly appreciate who you were and what we were doing… Today I realize that we and you accomplished much more than what I thought we started out fighting for. Today I have the understanding and knowledge that not only did I get back my kids, I got back my dignity and my sense of self.

Your dedication to my plight and your determination to help me get to where I and my children needed us to go was nothing short of stellar. (Download entire testimonial)



“You put your heart and soul into each case… You were always available.”

I was expecting you to teach me how to ‘get back’ at my ex-husband. Instead, I was astounded by what I witnessed. At first, I didn’t understand your work tactic, but slowly I realized that the way your practice runs is much different than what I have heard from my friends and their lawyers.

What I received was the direction towards the right path, strong advice, and overall an attorney who actually cares about the importance of working together as a team instead of vicious and uncivil humans… (Download entire testimonial)



“Through you, I now have a beautiful 6-year-old granddaughter, Thank you.”

Dear Chaim, I hope this mail reaches you as I want to send you my most heartfelt thanks.

On Saturday I made cakes with my granddaughter [C], she had a day with Phil [C’s father, who is my son,] and the rest of my immediate family. We had a wonderful time. We have met [C] with her mum twice before, however, on Saturday she came on her own.

Your care of Phil last year and your comments to him about ‘family’ have changed our lives. For the previous 5 years, I knew there was a little girl somewhere who I would probably never meet.

It is an impossible situation for a grandparent (in the circumstances I found myself in) to have contact unless the parents allow this to happen. It has been a tough year, with lots of re-adjustments, but so worth it. Through you I now have a beautiful 6-year-old granddaughter, thank you.

My very best wishes to you,

–Carolyn [T] Philip’s Mum


“Your… sensitivity to my situation [was] a great source of comfort to me.”

Your attention to detail and to ensuring my understanding of the various situations and possible outcomes was beyond my expectations.

…You took the time to ensure that I understood every aspect of the agreement and that I made my own decisions based on the information you provided.

…I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a matrimonial attorney. (Download entire testimonial)



“Thank you for opening my eyes…”

My decision was difficult and the result of the coming together of many threads–and I thank you for opening my eyes to that completely… I recognized that after so many… I wasn’t going to have the… resources you had made clear would be necessary, and that, this time, I needed to explore the honor of walking away.


What other lawyers say about Chaim

Please click HERE to see more reviews of Chaim Steinberger by other members of the Bar

“A lawyers lawyer. Always trying to advance the practice.”

“Mr. Steinberger is an excellent attorney. He is also very active in the organized bar and as an advocate for children and families.”

“I have known Chaim Steinberger for at least 20 years through our affiliation with the Amerian Bar Association’s Family Law Section where he has been a valuable contributor to what are often complicated and sensitive issues in the field. Chaim has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the law of domestic relations, and his ethical character is of the highest order.”

Chaim reaches out to other attorneys and helps them with complex issues. This is very helpful in areas of particularly difficult or uncommon issues, and shows a very high level of commitment to the appropriate practice of law. He also aids newer attorneys, which is always needed.”

“He is smart and effective, and deserves the highest, a v rating in my view. In addition to his expertise in the areas of divorce and family law, Chaim has substantial experience in general litigation. He brings compassion and empathy for his clients who are, by nature, going through difficult matters, and combines it with his zealous advocacy for short- and long-term solutions to very thorny issues.”

“I have not litigated directly with Chaim, because we work in different jurisdictions. But I have communicated with him a lot, and he has always demonstrated a vast knowledge of the subject and a mastery of communications. Also, he has never advocated anything but the highest ethical standards, and I have never heard him urge that anyone do anything even questionable when it comes to ethics.”

“I have known Chaim professionally for many years. I find his legal knowledge and analysis very accurate and on point. He attends many CLE to keep his knowledge fresh, even after many years of practice. I have referred cases to him over the years, and he has handled them professionally and successfully.”

“Always interesting; Great communicator; Dedicated advocate.”

“I have known Chaim Steinberger for more than 20 years in the ABA’s Family Law Section. We both have litigated many child custody and divorce actions (mine in Alaska and Mr. Steinberger’s in New York) and have had many collegial discussions about family law issues, both technical and practical. I have also engaged in many discussions, both through e-mail and in person, with him about the psychological effects on children of parental conflicts and family violence, He is very knowledgeable.”


**Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.