Steinberger to present at WBASNY

Chaim Steinberger has been asked to present his program, “The Perils of Prenups: The psycho-social dynamics and legal effects of prenuptial agreements” at the 2021 Convention of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York on May 21, 2021, 1:15.  Mr. Steinberger may be one of the only family-law lawyers advising young couples… read more

What is a “Negotiation Coach”?

A Negotiation Coach?  What’s That? By Chaim Steinberger (c) 2018 From time to time, I’m approached by people who don’t want to do their negotiating through lawyers. They may believe that lawyers might make matters unnecessarily complicated. They might inflame the situation. Or one party doesn’t want to hire a lawyer and doesn’t feel comfortable… read more

Eternity with that “Bastard”?

Eternity With That “Bastard”? Who Says the Fun Has to Stop: Decades-old Family Feud Continues After Death In a decision issued two weeks ago, a judge was called on to decide whether a sister may disinter a decedent (a person who died), from where she was buried by her son in Queens, NY, to Jerusalem,… read more

“Should I attend therapy or wait until the custody battle is over?”

Someone just asked me whether she should attend therapy during a divorce and custody litigation or wait until the litigation was done. That is, she wanted to know whether a divorce court deciding custody issues would be biased against a parent who is [diagnosed and] in therapy. Here’s what I answered: The best answer to… read more

Lying Lawyers? “I’m shocked, shocked!”

In Court this morning, opposing counsel said that he didn’t lie in his papers.  “I didn’t say I never signed it,” he claimed.  “I just said I didn’t remember signing it.  That’s something entirely different.” That was the basis for my motion for sanctions.  Based on his attempted deception of the Court. The judge looked… read more

Getting Even or Getting Ahead: Do divorce litigants want nasty lawyers or would they rather win?

(c) 2016 CHAIM STEINBERGER, P.C., By Chaim Steinberger Descending in the elevator from a meeting of the New York County Lawyers’ Association Matrimonial Law Committee, one lawyer asked a newer one, “Where are you working now?” She answered with the name of a prominent, well-known, scorched-earth firm. I bit my tongue as the conversation about… read more