NYLJ Publishes The Perils of Prenups, authored by Chaim Steinberger

Beginning on February 28, 2020, and on the following three consecutive Fridays, the New York Law Journal will be publishing Chaim’s thoughtful articles on The Perils of Prenups.  In the first part, Chaim will explain why prenuptial agreements are often more dangerous and destructive than they are helpful.  The second article will describe certain situations that, despite their danger, prenuptial agreements are still necessary for.  Part III then ties it all together, outlining the methods and techniques that those who do want or need a prenup might use to minimize or eliminate its dangers, so that the happily betrothed can continue their happily-ever-after with the best chances for success.

Read Part I here:  “The Perils of Prenups: Part I“.

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