Steinberger to present at WBASNY

Chaim Steinberger has been asked to present his program, “The Perils of Prenups: The psycho-social dynamics and legal effects of prenuptial agreements” at the 2021 Convention of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York on May 21, 2021, 1:15.  Mr. Steinberger may be one of the only family-law lawyers advising young couples… read more

Parenting in the Age of Coronavirus – Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How has the coronavirus affected divorces? The pandemic is effecting family-law and divorces in several important ways. A. CHILD SUPPORT ARREARS: Even in non-pandemic times, the most important advice I give to non-custodial parents who get laid off from work is to immediately file a petition in Family Court for a downward modification of… read more

Coronavirus Pandemic (and the “Pandemic” board game) demonstrate the advantages of non-adversarial processes.

Image courtesy of Matt Leacock, The New York Times | March 31, 2020 For the last several years, we here have been talking and writing about “Divorce Without Destruction” and how people can get more, and better results, using cooperative strategies, than they could using adversarial ones. Game Theory teaches this and life bears it… read more

NYLJ Publishes The Perils of Prenups, authored by Chaim Steinberger

Beginning on February 28, 2020, and on the following three consecutive Fridays, the New York Law Journal will be publishing Chaim’s thoughtful articles on The Perils of Prenups.  In the first part, Chaim will explain why prenuptial agreements are often more dangerous and destructive than they are helpful.  The second article will describe certain situations… read more

The Attributes of a Great Divorce Lawyer (i.e., “Good v. Great” )

By Chaim Steinberger (c) 2018 For several years I’ve been thinking about writing on the differences between a “good” lawyer and a “great” one. That is, many have written articles with titles like, “How to Pick a Divorce Lawyer” that try to help people select decent lawyers from among the poor ones. That doesn’t interest… read more

What is a “Negotiation Coach”?

A Negotiation Coach?  What’s That? By Chaim Steinberger (c) 2018 From time to time, I’m approached by people who don’t want to do their negotiating through lawyers. They may believe that lawyers might make matters unnecessarily complicated. They might inflame the situation. Or one party doesn’t want to hire a lawyer and doesn’t feel comfortable… read more