Chaim’s public service & pro bono work

Pro Bono, Public & Community Service Involvement

Mr. Steinberger was awarded the 1997 New York City Bar Matrimonial Project Certificate of Best Pro Bono Service. He volunteers and continues to be involved with the following worthwhile organizations:

New York State Bar Association Task Force on Family Courts

Appointed to serve, together with other lawyers, judges, and distinguished panel members, to advise and recommend improvements to the New York State Family Courts.  Recently reconstituted as the NYSBA Committee on Families and the Law;

American Bar Association Operation Standby

Thank you card and USMC paperweight from JAG officer thanking Chaim for his help.


Organized and sponsored by the American Bar Association, Operation Standby is comprised of private-practice lawyers who volunteer to advise Judge Advocate General (“JAG”) lawyers who, in turn, assist the men and women in the United States Armed Forces on their personal legal issues.  To honor our servicemembers and to recognize my debt to the United States Armed Forces who liberated my parents from the Nazi Concentration Camps, we offer active-duty servicemembers (and their spouses) a 1/3 discount on our services;





United States Department of State Hague Convention Attorney Network

The United States Department of State is obliged by the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (commonly referred to as the “Hague Convention on International Child Abduction”) to assist parents whose children have been abducted to the United States, helping them access to the Courts and petition for the return of their children. The Attorney Network assists the Department of State in its mission.

New York City Small Claims Court

Adjudicating small-claim disputes between ordinary New Yorkers.

New York State Unified Court System, Part-137 Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program

Established by the New York State Unified Court System, pursuant to Part-137 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts, in each County to resolve disputes between clients and their attorneys by mediation and arbitration.

New York State Supreme Court, Commercial Division, Mediation Program

The Commercial Division was established to adjudicate complex commercial matters with speed and expertise.  Mr. Steinberger mediates Commercial Division cases in both New York and Kings Counties.

New York State Supreme Court Matrimonial Mediation Project

Established by the New York State Supreme Court, the Matrimonial Mediation Project is designed to help parties resolve their disputes without the pain and destruction that extended litigation causes divorcing couples and their children.

New York State Supreme Court Early Neutral Evaluation Program

Another program established by the Supreme Court to assist litigants in avoiding prolonged litigation and the harms it causes, the Early Neutral Evaluation Program gives parties and their attorneys a chance to present their best arguments to a single or panel of neutral experienced lawyers, and get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of their case, helping them develop an appropriate settlement.

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York Mediation Program

A mediation program by the Federal Court to help resolve its backlog of cases and expedite their resolution in a quick, voluntary manner.

Association of the Bar of the City of New York (“CityBar”) Tuskegee Airmen Project

Responding to President Bill Clinton’s Call to Action, the Aeronautics Committee of the CityBar enlisted and organized surviving members of the elderly Tuskegee Airmen to visit NYC public schools, recount tales of their dedication, heroism and exploits to the children, motivating and inspiring them to apply themselves in school and beyond. See Tuskegee Airmen Project.pdf.


An organization assisting youth from the ultra-Orthodox community to mainstream and obtain education, employment, fulfillment, and happiness.

Dinner at the famous Forlini's Restaurant after a group visit to observe the NYC Criminal Court arraignments

Dinner at the famed Forlini’s Restaurant for all the attendees.

A program jointly sponsored by the American Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association to provide New Yorkers with quick, free legal answers to their pressing issues.

Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project

Assists low-income New Yorkers obtain legal relief in the Court system.

Unchained at Last

A non-profit organization that helps women escape or avoid arranged marriages.  Mr. Steinberger serves as a mentor to lawyers representing these women.

New York CityBar SHIELD Pro Bono Contested Divorce Clinic

Assists low-income New Yorkers navigate the legal system. See SHIELD Volunteer Ack.pdf.

Jewish Board of Family & Children’s Services (“JBFCS”) Supervised Visitation Program

As a member of the advisory board (2002–04), I advised the program that provided affordable court-ordered supervision to low-income parents who were not permitted to see their children without supervision.

Law School Mentor

Mentors future lawyers both individually and in groups.

Law School Court Competitions

Judge competing contestants in law school court-competitions.

Bar Associations

Mr. Steinberger is actively involved in improving the law and the quality of legal services by his extensive involvement in bar associations and its committees.

New York City Public & Private Schools

Mr. Steinberger routinely speaks at elementary, junior & high schools (including the W!se Institute) on law-related topics including civics, criminal law, and community, see JHS Law-related Educ Proj.pdf.

Civic & Community Groups

Mr. Steinberger regularly volunteers to speak to civic and community groups on issues of family law and dispute resolution.

Mental Health Associations

Mr. Steinberger lectures to mental health professionals about the intersection of mental health and the legal system, particularly in the area of divorce and family law;

For a fuller listing of past lectures see Lectures & Presentations; to arrange a lecture at your group or event, see Lectures and contact us at the email or telephone number above.