Your Rights as Our Client

We are committed to providing every client and every other person with:

  • courtesy, dignity, and respect
  • honesty and integrity

As a client, you are entitled to:

  • decide what objectives we pursue
  • decide whether to “take a deal” and settle on the terms that are being offered
  • receive timely bills for our services; receive an explanation of any charge you don’t understand
  • receive fair service for a fair fee
  • be listened to and understood, and to have your claims and grievances heard
  • receive skillful, professional legal work for the money you pay
  • receive a timely response or call back, as the situation warrants and allows
  • have your case skillfully analyzed and handled
  • get a fair, honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • get an explanation of what we plan on doing for you and why, how we will handle your case and why
  • understand the strategy of your case and why we recommended the work we did
  • get copies of all correspondence and legal documents in your matter
  • be present in court whenever court conferences are held and, if permitted by the court and advisable, to be present at the conference
  • have your lawyer attempt to achieve a resolution on favorable terms whenever strategically appropriate
  • have a lawyer that is familiar with the facts of your case and the relevant law and is prepared to guide you in a professional manner
  • a lawyer who will take the time and devote the energy, to: listen to you, learn every relevant aspect of your case, research the relevant law, develop a strategy for you

In addition, we will attempt to give you:

  • a sense of safety and security
  • an understanding of the process and how the legal system works
  • our predictions of the best possible outcome, the worst and the most likely
  • our best predictions of how the other side will counter our efforts
  • we will always strive to develop the best possible theory of your case

(Page Last Rev.: 2/29/16)